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In August 2022, the 3rd floor Umi and Yama were renewed.
In order to fully enjoy your important rest time,
We devised each room widely so that we can spend our relaxing time together with a feeling of openness in the large space.
Sanin would be greatly appreciated if you could offer a relaxing accommodation in Sanin, Kasumi Shibayama.

We have prepared a superb healing space and (5 rooms) in "Shibayama" surrounded by the sea and mountains, nature.

The city of fishing port "Shibayama", the city of the sea full of vibrancy from the first morning.
Fresh material can be prepared because it is waiting for the fishing port.
Inside the atmosphere full of passionless room of the large space, atmosphere.

In-house information

  • Rest area

    Free food & drinks are available.
  • Yukata service

    Women's Yukata(S · M)
    There is yukata only for infants
  • Relaxation(Library)

    We prepare young children's books and ladies' magazines etc.
    You can bring it to your room.
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Hotel Name



1253-2 Uragami, Kasumi Ward, Kami Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number



Shibayama Port, Along Former Route 178

Transfer available
JR Shibayama Station is a pick-up from JR Shibayama Station -hotel. It is free but please make advance reservation.
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Carefully Selected Foods

  • ~Purchase of brokerage~

    Shibayama Fishing Port Shibayama Crab, which was picked up at Shibayama Fishing Port, carries his own feet also as a broker, carefully selected and purchased.
    From Shibayama Crab that was sorted by quality control, we select and purchase from the eyes of the master who was cultivated from the time of childhood.
    "Mr. Shibayama Crab" is a master who says that quality control is perfect and easy to sort.
  • ~Shibayama Fishing Port~

    Shibayama Fishing Port, various sea fishes of the Sea of ​​Japan fly throughout the year.
    But even worrying about it, "Matsuba Crab".
    Things that are called "Shibayama Crab" since November 2003 are also excellent items.
    Shibayama Port is lively and crowded, it is a rare natural bay on the Japanese coast with poor flexion.
    Although the scale is smaller than Maizuru port east and Sakai Port west,
    Crabs and seafood raised in the waves of the rough Japan Sea are abundantly landing.
    There is a souvenir shop near the market,
    Many people are visiting for fresh seafood deep-fried at Shibayama Fishing Port every day.
    Shibayama Fishing Port, you can see the Shibayama District,
    The embankment of the market is crowded with many fishing guests on Sundays.

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